Make Your Own Games With WiFiBoy32!


Installation and Tutorials Upadtes!

August 9th, 2018

Plase visit: Installation and Tutorials

WiFiBoy's New Python Blockly Editor for kids to make games!

August 4th, 2018

Download Alpha test version: Win, Mac (Beta release by September 1st.)
Download Python Blockly Examples Packs.
Download Python Code Examples Packs.

Product Features

Make Games with Arduino IDE

WiFiboy has a fast LCD sprite library for Arduino IDE and some .ino game samples for you to make your own games with Arduino IDE. You can learn how to make games more effectly with WiFiBoy. Please check our tutorial pages for more fun!

Make Games with MicroPython

Python is the most popular language to learn for all ages. You can learn modern programming skill with WiFiBoy in MicroPython. MicroPython is Python 3.4 compatible. Enjoy Python's REPL interactive programming interface to develop codes!

Make Games with Blockly Editor

It's very easy and fun for kids to make games with blockly programming environment. Parents and teachers can help kids to make simple fun games to learn programming happily. You can start to learn coding with blockly and check the real Python codes later with our smart Python blockly editor.

Make Toys and Fun Maker Projects

WiFiBoy dev kit is perfect to make IoT fun projects. You can learn how to play with WiFi, Bluetooth, BLE to connect the world wirelessly. Attach some sensors or servo motors to WiFiBoy can make your Internet of Toys fun! And you will enjoy designing interactive fun stuff with a LCD display, some keys and a sound speaker!